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Addiction recovery is a complex process that requires individuals to examine themselves and find the motivation to overcome their condition. Insights Behavioral Health drug rehab centers are committed to providing the best support possible to those suffering from addiction disorders. We understand the unique challenges and frustrations that accompany rehabilitation and offer solutions that propel clients towards successful completion of their addiction recovery program.

As a modern drug rehab facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin, we are always looking for opportunities to improve programs and tailor them to each individual. Our staff members use personal counseling sessions and discussions with clients to identify key areas so they can build a treatment strategy that addresses core causes of substance abuse. Managing addiction is not only a matter of avoiding addictive substances, it also requires a fundamental change in environment and lifestyle.

Detoxification at Our Addiction Recovery Center

The detoxification process can last from a few days up to a multiple weeks depending on the nature and severity of the addiction. Detox places extreme strain on both the body and mind, which makes it very difficult to do alone. Going through withdrawal at home can also put personal health at risk.

Clients who take advantage of the supervised detox at our substance abuse treatment facility benefit from a safer and more compassionate environment. Staff members are on hand to watch for signs of health complications related to withdrawal. They are also there to ensure clients are comfortable, relaxed and have all of their needs addressed throughout the process.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Roughly half of people struggling with addiction face difficulties during rehabilitation due to co-occurring mental health disorders that have not been diagnosed or treated. These cases, which can benefit from dual diagnosis mental health treatment, which is provided at our substance abuse treatment facility, require a flexible approach that addresses both conditions simultaneously. Mental and emotional disorders should be identified by a licensed professional who can recommend a course of treatment.

Compassionate and Open Conversation

One of the most important elements of any addiction recovery program is the ability to speak freely about personal experiences with a receptive audience. Clients at our addiction recovery facility take part in group therapy sessions, where they can communicate with others who have gone through similar experiences. This gives each person plenty of opportunities to listen to others and share their own story.

In addition to group counseling, clients also participate in one-on-one sessions with staff members to gauge progress and develop a more customized treatment program. These conversations give our staff deeper insight into personal circumstances that need to be addressed during the program.

Opening Doors to a Better Future

While detox and short-term recovery are definitely important stepping stones on the journey to complete rehabilitation, making a full recovery requires real changes in one’s habits. Our addiction treatment center serves clients by encouraging them to join in various activities to build character, develop skills, and find a fresh way to approach life. Physical fitness and intellectual stimulation are both productive pursuits that provide real long-term value.

Clients who complete our program don't have to worry about going it alone once they walk out of the doors of our drug detox clinic. Individuals who choose to take part in our ongoing aftercare services can check back with us on a regular basis to take part in therapy, discussions and other activities to help them stay on the right path.

Learn More About Insights Behavioral Health

We encourage potential clients and other interested parties to contact our addiction treatment facility to learn more about our center. Our staff members are happy to explain the policies we enforce, as well as provide details regarding recovery programs, detox and aftercare. Our core mission here at our Green Bay, Wisconsin drug rehab center is to help victims of addiction successfully pursue rehabilitation, so our culture and values are built around this goal.