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Before a client enters Insights Behavioral Health, our drug rehab center in Phoenix, Arizona, many of them have attempted to stop using substances on their own. Some clients have tried multiple times without success. For some, weaning themselves off resulted in unbearable withdrawal symptoms. Other clients successfully got through the withdrawal only to find that dealing with life led to relapse, despite their best attempts to stay sober. Addiction is a disease that is best treated at a substance abuse treatment facility like ours in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our addiction recovery programs are designed to solve the problems that many of our clients face when attempting to treat themselves. First of all, a drug detox clinic is a necessity when clients experience withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. In some cases, this process can lead to very serious health problems, and close monitoring by professional staff ensures the withdrawal process does not lead to long-term health consequences. Other times, hallucinations or delusions can occur, and supervised detox prevents our clients from harming themselves or others during this phase of withdrawal.

Once physically clean and sober, our clients begin the next phase of treatment, participating in individual and group therapy sessions and learning the skills and tools they need to cope with problems. Our addiction recovery center is designed to create a calm environment where our clients feel safe and can speak openly about their personal situation, history, and feelings. Our addiction recovery program is most effective when our clients communicate honestly with their therapists and peers.

With this information, we create an individualized treatment plan for each client based on their particular needs. Staff help our clients analyze their past behaviors in the context of their personal histories to determine the underlying problems contributing to their addictions. We use these observations to create personal objectives for each client and help them work toward their specific goals.

During this process at the addiction treatment center, we sometimes discover potential mental health problems hiding behind the addiction. In these cases, trained professionals do further evaluations to determine whether any possible mental health diagnoses exist. If so, the client needs dual diagnosis treatment which consists of simultaneous but separate treatment for the addiction and for the co-occurring mental illness. While the results of these two problems often are intertwined, treatment of one problem will not treat the other.

At our drug rehab facility, we consider ourselves a full-service center. We offer the full rehabilitation course starting with initial evaluation and placement in the appropriate program and subsequent detoxification if necessary. Clients spend the bulk of their time at the addiction treatment facility attending therapy sessions, working with staff, receiving training in coping methods, and learning communication skills. Our staff work with each client to give them the tools they will need when returning home. Finally, when that time comes, the addiction recovery facility has programs in place to ensure a smooth transition.

Our clients can enroll in the appropriate aftercare program depending on the level of support they need. Options range from weekly individual or group therapy to intensive outpatient programs consisting of several hours of treatment per day.

We encourage our clients to get involved with the recovery community when they leave our addiction treatment facility in Phoenix, Arizona. Our program prepares them to make these connections by fostering the same type of environment in the treatment center. We encourage clients to share experiences with each other, both to provide support to those struggling and to show all our clients that they are not alone in their situation. This way, when they re-enter their lives, our clients already have an extended support network and the skills to form new relationships.

Throughout treatment and aftercare, we provide a safe environment for each client. Every member of our staff is highly educated for their particular position and continues to undergo periodic training. We also frequently update our programs in order to provide the most effective treatment for addiction.