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Why us?

Substance abuse is an insidious and dangerous condition that can ruin your life and the life of everyone around you.

Addiction consumes and consumes until there is nothing left, and overcoming it can prove to be exceptionally difficult. Fortunately, at Insights Behavioral Health, we’re here to provide you with the tools you need to successfully defeat addiction. If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, you need to hear the good news about our substance abuse recovery center. At Insights Behavioral Health, we’re committed to getting you the tools you need to reach your recovery goals.

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How long does treatment last?

Addiction recovery lasts for many years, but your time at one of our drug rehab centers will last from 30 to 90 days depending on the situation, what you are addicted to, and how long you've been addicted to it.

Do I have to go to group therapy?

Yes, we ask that each of clients not only attends group meetings, but takes an active role in listening, sharing, and giving insightful advice to help others. It is an invaluable aspect of addiction recovery.

Why does detox have to supervised?

When you're body has become accustomed to a drug, when you stop taking it you will experience some pretty unpleasant withdrawals. Therefore, your withdrawals need to be monitored carefully in order to have the safest, most comfortable detox possible.